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Advertise on XING

Make sure your message reaches the right people.
Maximum efficiency: Your choose your target group

Serious environment: Appealing business professionals

Exclusive: Your ads always enjoy top placement

Cross-digital: Reach mobile target groups as well

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Choose the right advertising package for you!

Ads with the XING design

These ads are visually matched to the network news feed on the XING homepage.

You can create and post these ads yourself: Just upload an image, enter your text, target group and budget– and that’s it!

Top placement These ads will be displayed to your target group in the network news feed on the XING homepage.

Full cost control You choose your own budget.

Rapid posting Your ad will generally be posted within 48 hours.

Display ads

Choose from a number of different banner formats, starting at just €4,000.

Choose from a range of top-quality ad formats to showcase your brand and make sure your campaign’s a success!

Appealing environment XING members are influential and affluent.

Exclusive placement The low level of advertising on XING generates a lot of interest in your ad campaigns.

Various formats We’ll help you choose the right format for your campaign.


Your chance to shine as an exclusive XING partner

Advertise your product or campaign as an official XING partner – with a USP just for XING members!

Become a XING partner Get one of the few spaces as an official XING partner.

Unique placements Together we’ll come up with an effective communication strategy and you’ll benefit from exclusive placements!

Customised design It will take around 4 to 8 weeks to plan and prepare your campaign.